Seeburg TSA10 Amplifier July 2017

Another amplifier brought to me by my friend Mike. I am not sure what Jukebox this amplifier came from. There was not a lot of information to be found on the TSA10 amplifiers from Seeburg. From the research I have done it looks like the TSA10 was offered around 1971.  The following year the SHP1 amplifiers were first offered.

Above is what the amplifier looked like when I received it.  There was not any issues reported with this amplifier so I moved straight into replacing electrolytic capacitors.

 Electrolytic Capacitors Needed: 

Size Volatge Quantity

This is what the amplifier looks like with the driver board removed.

All capacitors replaced and all boards reinstalled.
The amplifier played very well with all the electrolytic capacitors replaced. It is now ready to be reinstalled in the Jukebox. 


  1. Hello! do you still have this amplifier? If so, I may be interested in purchasing it from you! Feel free to respond in comments! Thanks!


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