1956 RCA-8-PT (Portable Television)

The TV was found at an auction around the end of December 2018. It is missing all the accessories and looks beat up. Below is a photo of with case removed.

Below is further disassembly of the chassis. This made it much easier to recap and check the components.

The recap was a standard procedure. I did remove the shield from the CRT and the yoke cover had disintegrated. You can see the back of yoke below.

Below is my solution. A Duke's Mayonnaise lid.

This worked very well for the cover. As for the centering rings I used cardboard shims and tape to hold the shim in place. As seen below. Is this the best solution? No, but it works. I have no plans to get rid of the TV in the future. I am not trying to unload a problem on someone else.

Here is the TV finished up and sitting on top of my Dumont TV.


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