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Wizard Husky 8" Dime Store Fan

Found this fan in a flea market in Branson, Missouri and I could not leave it behind.  The fan did not run when I brought it home. As you can see in the photos below it was dirty with lots of old oil. This fan was sold by Western Auto stores sometime in the 1950's.  These were cheap made and require lots of oil.  They contain no real bearings and they use no grease just oil on the front and back of the rotor. Once running this fan moved a uprising amount of air! This fan will remain in it's current state because it has no real value. I will most likely use it daily. Here is some photos of the motor. I used some oven cleaner to remove the old oil and gunk. Not a good idea as it will affect the paint, but it did do a great job! Here is the fan being reassembled! Back together and running!