Robyn T-123B

I picked up this radio at a local flea market. It was in fair shape and dirty. The radio smells like cigarette smoke as it heats up. Below you can see what the top side looks like.

I changed all electrolytic and film capacitors. Below is the underside before I change capaitors.

Here is a photo after: 

The only issue this radio had was an open 33k ohm resistor coming off the meter adjust pot. The symptoms were the meter seeing a constant 7 volts across it and a lower screen voltage on the first IF amplifier. Once the resistor was replaced the voltage went away and the screen grid voltage went back to normal. 

Cleaned up face.


  1. gday. im looking to replace the caps in mine. would you have a list of the ones you replaced. thanks.

  2. I do not have a list. I simply changed all electrolytic capacitors. I was not able to find much service information.

    Best Regards,
    Cody P.


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